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Send info to [email protected]


Send info to [email protected]


Send info to [email protected]


Join us in setting up the entire Asnicar Global Family Tree 

Email Address

Want an email….  Contact me via the contact form at the bottom of the page

Family Tree

We are researching everything we can on our History and bring everyone into one contact point.

Getting in Touch

Comming soon.  A private login area sharing photos and historical information 

Family Tree

It’s important to get this right.  For each family member we will do a page with a photo and information about their life

Web Interface

Privacy is everything so we will be making sure we manage this tightly and with your approvals to use. 

Sending Information

If you have a picture and information for an Asnicar please send it to my email only 

Family Information

We will have a contact form to allow people to contact Asnicars via this method so emails addresses remain private

Content Protection

Please ensure the information is as accuarate as possible as we form the Family Tree for our future familes.  

Ideas to Improve

We are always happy to have sugegstins to improve the site. Feel free to sent them through.

Recent Pictures

We love pictures so shoot them through 

Current Asnicar's

Alive Asnicar  Relatives 

Previous Asnicar's

Deceased Asnicar  Relatives 

Unknown Asnicar's

Asnicar’s we need info on

Family Tree

Current Asnicar Family Tree

Let’s Work Together

Working together means we get this done.  We’d love everyne to help collect and collate information on our amazing History and linkages across teh world. 

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